Small, simple and efficient. Jonard Tools MS-6 Mid Span Slitter.

What started as a prototype dreamed up by our engineering team, is now a remarkably unique tool (patent pending) with endless use cases. Originally intended to be used exclusively on fiber optic cable, tech professionals found it suitable for many other applications. Regardless of your level of expertise: from industry professionals running speaker wire in a pro audio recording studio; to ambitious DIYers wiring a new home theater, the MS-6 gets the job done effortlessly.

A review of the tool from an end user put it best: “Small, simple and efficient.”

Small enough to fit into any tool box, it measures only 1 5/8″ (H) x 1 1/8″ (W) x 3/4″ (D).

Simple to use:

  • Select the groove that matches your wire size.
  • Place the fiber in the groove.
  • Close the tool (make sure the lock is engaged).
  • Pull the tool following the arrow.

MS-6 Blog 06

As for the tool’s efficiency, it just works every time. And in the event the blades begin to dull they are easily replaced (which, by the way, is a feature unique to MS-6).

All in all, MS-6 is a must have item for all Fiber Techs and any do-it-yourselfers as well. The price makes this an affordable gift idea.

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