New Product Introductions – SSK-876 Star Key Can Wrench Kit, SSK-716 Can Wrench, SSK-75 & SSK-85 Star Keys

SSK-876-(Orange)SSK-876, SSK-716SSK-75, SSK-85

Jonard Tools has just released the SSK-876 Star Key Can Wrench Kit (Also known as a Slam Lock Key), which features four of the most popular star key patterns.


The three piece kit includes: SSK-716 Can Wrench, SSK-75 Star Key, and the SSK-85 Star Key. A five-in-One tool kit. The SSK-716 can wrench is specifically designed to work with our SSK-85 and SSK-75 star keys. The SSK-716 Can Wrench has two 7/16″ hex sockets 1 ½” deep on either end and can be used to open enclosures that require a 7/16″ socket. With the SSK-75 and SSK-85 star keys you can open enclosures requiring any of the following star key patterns: LS, LB, LG or LC. The SSK-75 star key has a LG flower pattern on one side and a LC 7 point star pattern on the other. The SSK-85 Star Key has a LB 8 point star pattern on one end and a LS 5 point star pattern on the other. The keys are two-sided, just switch from one side to the other for each pattern. Note: Keys are For authorized personnel only.

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