New Products Announcement – TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit & FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaner

TK-160_01 (1) As the innovative leader in the fiber optic industry we are pleased to announce the new TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit with FCC & VFL (includes the FCC-125 & FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaners 1.25mm & 2.5mm and the Visual Fault Locator Kit) .


This  fiber preparation kit provides you with all of the tools needed to access and prepare a fiber optic cable for termination. The kit includes: CST-1900 Round Cable Stripper, CSR-1575 Cable Strip & Ring Tool, FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter and MS-6 Mid Span Slitter for opening various types of fiber optic cables, the JIC-375 fiber stripper and JIC-186 Kevlar cutter for prepping the fiber for termination. Other tools included with the kit are the SD-61 multi bit screwdriver FL-2000 flashlight, JIC-2288 diagonal cutter, JIC-842 long nose plier, FW-5 fiber wipes, FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaner 1.25mm, FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm and the VFL-150 Visual Fault Locator Kit. All of these tools are provided in a rugged tool case with extra pockets for additional tools, connectors and many other items.

Tk-160 wide


FCC-125_01 (1)As listed in the TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit, we now offer the FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaner 1.25mm (and the other family member the FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm).

The FCC-125 is a quick click ferrule end face cleaner, designed to provide exceptional  cleaning performance by cleaning LC connectors beyond the critical fiber core area and cleaning deep into the contact area of a bulkhead adapter or connectors on fiber optic cables.

FCC-125 Wide

The tethered dust cap provides protection for the microfiber cleaning fabric and is an adapter for connector end face cleaning. The FCC-125 features a patented 360 degree Rotational Tip for extra wide cleaning, easy one push operation and extendable nozzle, providing an additional 1.5 inches for a nozzle length of 4 inches to aid in accessing deep ports or crowded access panels. Additionally, the FCC-125 uses a non-woven micro fiber that is lint free. The FCC-125 provides 800+ cleanings and the outer body is made from static dissipative material for safe ESD work.

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