New Product Release – SP-4 Opener for Tablets & Smartphones


For the Tech or “DIYers” we are announcing the availability of the SP-4 Opener for Tablets and Smartphones

Its thin and flexible stainless steel blade easily slides between panes of most common electronic devices to pop them open quickly and easily. Unlike plastic spudgers which are too thick and for one time use, the SP-4 is thin and designed to be used over and over again. Check the How To VIDEO to see this tool in action. TK-19Typically it is used in conjunction with a Smart Phone & Tablet Repair Tool Kit like our TK-19. For opening and repairing all series of smartphones, tablets and many “i” series computers (iPhones & iPads). Kit contains all the tools you need to take apart these highly specialized electronic devices. Perfect for DIY repair jobs. Tools are neatly organized and labeled in a convenient storage case.

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