New Product Release – CTF-230 Dual Compression Tool & TK-87 COAX Tool Kit

CTF-230 (1) TK-87_01 (2)There is a new wrinkle in the design of  Coax Compression Tools. We now offer the CTF-230 Dual Compression Tool, which is two tools in one, combining the features of the CTF-200 and the CTF-300.

CTF-230 (1)CTF-230 designed for use on either short or long F connectors (such as PPC EX6 and PPC EX6XL), and also works on most RG 11 connectors. The Green ring side of the plunger is for the “short” PPC EX6 style connectors and the Blue side of the plunger is for the “long” PPC EX6 XL style connectors. And should you need a replacement plunger just order part number 21912. Also available is the CT-200 Universal Compression Tool another versatile option when terminating cables. Check our VIDEO to see just how easy it is to use these tools.

TK-87_01 (2)We also offer multipurpose Coax Tool Kits with our broad selection of compression tools. Check the links for the TK-82TK-83TK-85 plus the newest addition to our coax tool kit arsenal the TK-87 COAX Tool Kit with the new CTF-230 Dual Compression Tool included. 

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