New Product Release – BW-516, T Handle Security Wrench


The Jonard Tools wrench line has just been expanded with the introduction of the new BW-516 T Handle Security Wrench

T handle tamper proof 5/16″ wrench for use on tamper-proof cross-connect cabinets, MESA and CATV closures. Recessed at both ends and they are 1/4″ deep. Red plastic handle for user comfort, and made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome plated finish. This wrench expands the security wrench field, joining our Booth Wrenches BW-532 & BW-532-3. These are tamperproof hex screwdrivers, also known as a booth wrenches or security wrenches. They features a 1″ diameter screwdriver handle, 5/32″ hex shaft with a hole drilled in the tip for use with security tamperproof screws used for telephone and CATV applications. BW-532 Booth Wrench is 9″ long and the BW-532-3 Booth Wrench is 6″ long. Another option is the SK-51632 Security Key Insert that fits into the end of any standard Can Wrench for a 5/16” or 5/32” hex security screw.

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