New Product Announcement – VT-1000 Voltage Detector


If you have a need for voltage testing, then the new
VT-1000 Voltage Detector (a non-contact voltage tester) is the perfect tool.



It is designed to check for the presence of AC voltage. The VT-1000 is useful in identifying the presence of AC voltage at outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, wires and cables. Compact and lightweight with a built in pocket clip…and a CAT IV rating, to provide expanded operation and protection. Simple to use; just place the tester close to a voltage source or insert the tip into a household outlet to test. A pulsed tone and a flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage (between 90 to 1000 VAC). The unit will automatically power off after 3 minutes of non-use. For simple operating instructions watch the How to VIDEO.



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